How Pinterest Architected and Built Their Sharded MySQL Datastore

How did Pinterest, the social platform that allows users to create themed “pin boards” where they can “pin” pictures they find online or upload from their computers or phones, build a site that seamlessly allows millions of users to upload millions more pictures a day?

MySQL to Cassandra: What I Wish I’d Known

Learn how Barracuda Networks uses Cassandra and the ways in which they are replacing their MySQL infrastructure, with Cassandra. This presentation will include the lessons they’ve learned along the way during this migration.

MySQL and Puppet

Sheeri Cabral presents how Mozilla is deploying MySQL using Puppet. Her slides has example code and she walks you through the abstracted object and up to the deployment on the actual nodes.

MySQL Sandbox: A Toolkit for Laziness

MySQL Sandbox is a tool that installs one or more MySQL servers within seconds, easily, securely, and with full control. Once installed, the sandbox is easily used and maintained, without using complex options. Replicated and multiple sandboxes can be used individually or all at once.

Heavy-Traffic Enterprise MySQL

Paul Berry, Chief Technical Officer of the HuffingtonPost presenting strategies for survival under high-traffic on a MySQL database along with Jim Bartus, HuffingtonPost Lead System Administrator.