Introduction to Lucene Searches in Cloudant using MyCouch

Learn how you can use Cloudant’s Lucene searches in MyCouch. MyCouch is an asynchronous CouchDB and Cloudant client for .NET. It builds on top of the asynchronous HTTP client and uses JSON.Net to provide flexible serialization behavior.

Making CouchDB Plugins

CouchDB now has plugin support! This talk explains the design of the plugin system and demonstrates extending CouchDB by building example plugins. From “my first Erlang project” to major CouchDB changes, plugins have something for everybody.

CouchDB with Node.js

The CouchDB document store is well suited to many CRUD style websites. However a particularly interesting aspect of Couch is the _changes feed which streams updates about what is going on inside the database. By using this feed with Node.js, Mikeal Rodgers shows how it’s possible to push data to the browser in ways previously …

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Python on the Couch

CouchDB is an open source, document-oriented NoSQL Database Management Server. It supports queries via views using MapReduce and replication. The talk will give an overview of CouchDB followed by how to access and manipulate using Python. There are a number of python libraries for accessing Couchdb and these will be quickly discussed followed by how …

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