Resolving MySQL Problems Quickly

Troubleshooting MySQL problems doesn’t need to involve trial-and-error and it doesn’t need to take a long time. You need only two things: a good process and good tools. This session shows you an approach that the speaker has used to solve many frustrating problems quickly, and open source tools that assist this process.

Herding Sphinxes in Search

Sphinx is an open-source search tool that can also do other magic. Blazing full-scans, easy multi-core and multi-box queries, and wicked fast math spring to mind. When the queries are right, 1-billion-pageview sites switch from MySQL to Sphinx for over 90% of the query impact. It also has 175 (and counting) configuration directives, and probably …

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Practical MySQL Performance Optimization

This presentation discusses how to get great MySQL performance while being practical – spending time on what gives you the best return. It covers the main areas for improving MySQL performance, pointing out the most important things you need to get right for each of them.

Changing Database & Datacenter at

As is the case for many websites and applications, when the size of its users reach a certain point, critical changes to the architecture must be made. This presentation discusses how Lanyrd addressed this problem, when they decided to move from MySQL to PostgreSQL, and from AWS to Softlayer.