NoSQL Biggest Lie: SQL Never Went Away

NoSQL databases threw out SQL for querying, while their authors focused on solving problems on scale, speed and availability. The trouble is, the need for rich query never went away. Neither did SQL; it was only resting.

Cassandra, Couchbase and Spring in the Enterprise

Spring Data Cassandra brings Cassandra support to the Spring Data umbrella of projects, offering Spring Data’s familiar Repository concepts & POJO persistence. This talk will focus first on POJO persistence over Cassandra, including automatic Cassandra schema generation and Spring context configuration using both XML & Java. Then, the talk will dig deeper into some of …

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Aggregation in NoSQL Databases

COUNT(*)? SUM(*)? AVG(*)? Working with non-relational (NoSQL) databases requires learning new methods for performing basic data aggregation. This talk explores the real-time aggregation options available in two popular document databases: Couchbase and MongoDB.

Using Couchbase Mobile Solution

Learn the architecture around the new Couchbase mobile solution using Couchbase, Couchbase Sync Gateway and Couchbase Lite. Understand how it all fits together and how data is moved from server to devices and back.

MongoDB versus Couchbase

This short video compares MongoDB and Couchbase for implementing big data project. MongoDB and Couchbase are two open-source NoSQL databases.

Autosharding with NoSQL and Couchbase

NoSQL has garnered attention as the basis of scaling and simplifying n-tier architectures. This session looks at how to avoid the complexity of sharding a SQL database by using a key value paradigm supplemented with views.