Hadoop for the MySQL DBA

Everyone knows that big data is here to stay, and one of the best NoSQL solutions out there is Hadoop. MySQL DBAs will need to know when to adjust and leverage Hadoop within their environment and even start using and administering Hadoop clusters.

Different MySQL Forks for Different MySQL Folks

Learn the differences and similarities among Oracle’s MySQL, MariaDB, Drizzle and the Percona patchset. You will learn the coding philosophies of the organizations behind the MSQL forks and how they interact with the community, so you can choose which fork is right for you.

Advanced Optimization Techniques for Really Large MySQL Queries

Imagine a MySQL query that barely fits your monitor screen such as a 7 table join. This video discusses filling the gap between reading explain output and optimizing really large queries. Practical techniques used to address real-world situations are hared, while pointing out common mistakes organizations often make.