MySQL Joins and Subqueries

Sheeri K. Cabral of the Pythian Group goes through the meanings of INNER, LEFT/RIGHT OUTER, CROSS, NATURAL joins, how to do a FULL OUTER JOIN in MySQL, and what STRAIGHT_JOIN means. She also goes through how to recognize when you want those types of joins, and best practices for the semantics of writing joins and …

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Time Zones in MySQL

MySQL data types do not support the SQL standard WITH TIME ZONE attribute. How do you store times in MySQL to efficiently show your customers times in their own time zone? The TIMESTAMP data type will show different times if you change the server’s time zone. This presentation covers all this and more, including all …

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This presentation shows how to use SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS to get more information about your Innodb tables, foreign keys and transactions. This is a great presentation to learn how InnoDB works.

Building a MySQL Slave and Keeping it in Sync

This video shows on how to get a consistent snapshot to build a slave, how to use mk-table-checksum to check for differences between masters and slaves on an ongoing basis, and how to use tools such as mk-table-sync and mysqldump to sync the data if there are any discrepancies.