How to Fail with Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is one of the most renowned NoSQL databases. Although it’s often associated with great scalability, improper usage might result in shooting yourself in the foot. This talk presents a set of ideas and guidelines – both for developers and administrators – which will help you to make your Apache Cassandra project an epic …

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Apache Cassandra: Building Apps on Eventually-consistent Databases

At Sky, we use Cassandra for database persistence in our Online Video Platform – the system which delivers all OTT video content to both Sky and NOW TV customers – and yes, that includes handling huge spikes in traffic both when there’s a big Premier League football match and when a new Game of Thrones …

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NoSQL Biggest Lie: SQL Never Went Away

NoSQL databases threw out SQL for querying, while their authors focused on solving problems on scale, speed and availability. The trouble is, the need for rich query never went away. Neither did SQL; it was only resting.

Avoid Big Data Antipatterns

Over the last five years, the amount of data in our data centers has exploded, and today there are numerous NoSQL, streaming, and batch systems that promise to scale with your data. These new technologies bring with them a difficult question that needs to be answered: which tool is the best fit for my use …

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Building Fault Tolerant Apps with Cassandra

This presentation give a brief introduction to Apache Cassandra, how to interact with it from Java and how its architecture is build around being tolerant to faults. It then explains how developers’ mindset needs to change when dealing with a distributed datastore, topics include: CAP theorem and cross datacenter latency.

Cassandra, Couchbase and Spring in the Enterprise

Spring Data Cassandra brings Cassandra support to the Spring Data umbrella of projects, offering Spring Data’s familiar Repository concepts & POJO persistence. This talk will focus first on POJO persistence over Cassandra, including automatic Cassandra schema generation and Spring context configuration using both XML & Java. Then, the talk will dig deeper into some of …

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