MySQL Performance with TokuDB

Gerry Narvaja of Tokutek discusses Performance at Scale with TokuDB. TokuDB is an open source, high-performance storage engine for MySQL and MariaDB that dramatically improves scalability and operational efficiency. TokuDB is for Big Data applications with demanding requirements that are not met by the your current storage engine, and reduces the deployment costs associated with …

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Increasing MySQL Performance through Aggressive Data Archiving

Many strategies exist for increasing the performance of a MySQL database. Some attempt to make each access to the data faster: for example, faster hardware may be used, or system settings may be tweaked. Other approaches attempt to decrease the total number of database operations: for example, by caching database queries or entire pages. Nevertheless, …

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Running MySQL 5.6 on Amazon RDS

Learn if running MySQL 5.6 on Amazon RDS is a viable solution for your business. Percona’s Consultant Ryan Lowe discusses the benefits, challenges, and keys to success when running MySQL 5.6 on Amazon RDS.

Resolving MySQL Problems Quickly

Troubleshooting MySQL doesn’t need to involve trial-and-error, and it doesn’t need to take a long time. You need only two things: a good process and good tools. This session will show you an approach that the speaker has used to solve many frustrating problems quickly, and open source tools that assist this process.