Heavy-Traffic Enterprise MySQL

Paul Berry, Chief Technical Officer of the HuffingtonPost presenting strategies for survival under high-traffic on a MySQL database along with Jim Bartus, HuffingtonPost Lead System Administrator.

Managing Too Many Database Servers

This database-agnostic talk goes over: the bizarre becoming ordinary, the many types of infrastructure that do not scale and what does and does not work when building a DBA team.

Scale your Data Application with Apache Mahout

The Apache Mahout machine learning library’s goal is to build scalable machine learning libraries. We live in a world where keeping up with incoming data and making sense of it becomes ever more important – but also ever more tedious: Social networks, traditional media, subscription based newsletters are just three sources of incoming data.

Reliable Scalability with MongoDB

Many developers are discovering that traditional relational databases make it hard to scale to the large data volumes and user traffic required by Internet-scale applications. MongoDB is sailing up as one of the leading contenders in the NoSQL space. We at Comoyo are using MongoDB on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) for our payment subsystems, …

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Elastic Database Scalability for MySQL

Conventionally relational databases like MySQL are inflexible and application developers are required to configure and provision database capacity to meet peak or near demand. This is neither cost effective, nor even feasible for high growth companies.

MySQL Scalability Without Sharding

As operational database schemas become complex, users resort to denormalization to handle performance issues. This includes a range of techniques from materialized views to using MySQL as a key-value store for blobs containing full objects.