Discover the Power of Graph Databases

Discover the amazing world of graph databases and how you can leverage graphs to understand your data with Jim Webber, co-author of “Graph Database” and Nicki Watt, CTO at OpenCredo. They’ll take you on a journey that starts with the definition of graphs, walks you through case studies and highlights pitfalls. The interview is based …

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When to Ditch Relational Databases for NoSQL

For many software developers, relational databases like Oracle, SQLServer or MySQL are their bread and butter. They work (mostly) and are a logical solution to your application’s data management needs. They have been the standard and that’s what’s always worked. And then NoSQL databases came along.

Getting Started with Azure Cosmos DB & Entity Framework

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model database service. Cosmos DB enables you to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure regions worldwide.

Setting Up Databases on Kubernetes

Kubernetes now supports StatefulSets and CRDs, one of the next logical steps is to run databases on it. But why should I do that in the first place? How hard is it? What are the challenges? Is it production ready?

Using Together GraphQL & Serverless

This talk discusses how GraphQL and Serverless have drastically gained popularity and what problems they were made to solve. Then it explains how the two can be used together and provides a little demo with the Serverless framework.

Boost your API Development with GraphQL & Prisma

Prisma is the data layer for modern applications. It replaces traditional ORMs in your application architecture and simplifies various database workflows, such as data modeling, migrations and real-time data streaming. In this talk, we will start from scratch and explore how Prisma works. Going from just a simple data model, we’ll add relations and learn …

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