JPA on NoSQL: An Approach with Hibernate OGM

PaaS, cloud. How to store data is the real question. In a NoSQL store? Could we do that with familiar APIs? The goal of Hibernate OGM is to explore how we could reuse the Java Persistence API (a known domain model-centric API) to store entities in NoSQL stores.

Advanced ColdFusion ORM

Explore the underlying object-relational mapping (ORM) framework in ColdFusion 9. Tap into the power of Hibernate to build scalable and high-performing applications. This is a very technical session requiring advanced skills with ColdFusion.

What’s new in Hibernate: a JPA 2 perspective

This Jazoon 2010 session presents the new features of Hibernate and in particular the one coming from Java Persistence 2. Itl explores the new type-safe Criteria API as well as its close brother the new Hibernate Static metamodel generator; the new locking options and their consequences for your applications; Infinispan’s new second level cache and …

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