Understanding Database Indexing

Indexes are used to improve query performance. As a result, good indexes are designed around queries that users find important in their application. This talk presents three simple and effective rules on how to construct indexes around queries that result in good performance. The rules are explained using a simple model that does NOT rely …

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Scaling PostgreSQL Queries with Stado

Stado provides a powerful and flexible analytical environment allowing users to process large amounts of data using a shared-nothing, massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture with PostgreSQL and PostGIS. Data is automatically partitioned across multiple nodes and each node processes its subset of data allowing queries to be distributed across the cluster and run in parallel.

Scaling MySQL with Transparent Database Sharding

Every relational database has some machine scaling limits. This video presents the concept of Database Sharding – splitting the database to several independent databases, a solution proven highly effective for scaling MySQL. It discusss the steps required for building a sharding solution, the implications and limitations of such solution.

Data Warehouse Scaling and Performance for Microsoft SQL Server

This presentations explains how Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 data management software can improve the performance of data warehouse systems. Performance and scalability go somewhat hand in hand. The better that your data warehouses perform the more scalable they tend to be. We look at the optimizations that were made to data warehousing, including improved …

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Writing Faster SQL Server Queries

This tutorial shows how to improve your SQL Server database performance. Faster hardware can improve application performance to a certain point, but for truly great performing systems, there is no substitute for properly written queries and well-designed indexes.

MySQL Performance Tuning Best Practices

This video shows how to do basic tuning of MySQL using only the tools that come with MySQL. See how to tune for connections, select the best storage engines and learn how to analyze the key statistics of a MySQL server.