Increasing MySQL Performance through Aggressive Data Archiving

Many strategies exist for increasing the performance of a MySQL database. Some attempt to make each access to the data faster: for example, faster hardware may be used, or system settings may be tweaked. Other approaches attempt to decrease the total number of database operations: for example, by caching database queries or entire pages. Nevertheless, …

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High Speed Continuous Reliable Data Ingest into Hadoop

10M events per second into HDFS, Under a sec query per 20GB of HDFS data… All of this and more will be demonstrated live during this presentation that explores the area of real-time data ingest into Hadoop.

Oracle Query Tuning with tkprof

Demonstration of generating Oracle trace files and then turning these into tuning reports with the tkprof utility.

Heavy-Traffic Enterprise MySQL

Paul Berry, Chief Technical Officer of the HuffingtonPost presenting strategies for survival under high-traffic on a MySQL database along with Jim Bartus, HuffingtonPost Lead System Administrator.

Database Monitoring Setup Best Practices

There’s little that’s more important than protecting your database and the data/information within it. The most common form of “attack” comes from SQL injection and, even though monitoring systems vendors as well as your company’s IT staff are highly aware of how critical it is to protect your database from attack, it’s nevertheless difficult to …

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