Advanced Optimization Techniques for Really Large MySQL Queries

Imagine a MySQL query that barely fits your monitor screen such as a 7 table join. This video discusses filling the gap between reading explain output and optimizing really large queries. Practical techniques used to address real-world situations are hared, while pointing out common mistakes organizations often make.

FoundationDB Fault Tolerance Demo

This video shows off the fault tolerance and recovery properties of FoundationDB under some nasty conditions (single & multiple machine failures, network partition, full cluster power loss) on a live demo database cluster.

4 Dangerous SQL Server Settings

SQL Server has some settings which sound like a great idea but can cause major problems for performance and availability when used improperly. This video takes you on a tour of SQL Server’s most dangerous settings, from priority boost to lightweight pooling.

SQL Performance Issues: Query Compilation

Learn how to improve the performance of your SQL Server database and understand when the recompilation of queries is necessary and when it is not. Understanding query compilation issues from an operational perspective requires intimate familiarity with two indispensable tools: Performance Monitor and SQL Profiler.

What DBAs Need to Know About Hardware

If you became a database administrator by rising through the ranks of software developers, you probably haven’t built your own servers from the ground up. That’s totally okay, but you’re missing some important information that will make you a better database administrator. This video will help you get started exploring your hardware using tools like …

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