Tuning Performance of SQL Server Columnstore

Columnstore indexes and a new, vector-based query execution method called “batch mode”, can speed up query processing in data warehouses and data marts using SQL Server 2012 by a breathtaking 10X to 100X. This talk describes how to tune indexes, queries, and load processes to help your customers get the most out of columnstore indexes and query execution.

You’ll learn secrets that can help you turn modest performance gains into stunning, orders-of-magnitude improvements, and blow away the competition. We’ll focus on how to work around constraints that limit the use of batch processing when outer joins, unions, and certain other constructs are present in queries. We’ll also describe how to load columnstores effectively, and even perform real-time loads on columnstore indexes that are technically read-only.

View Slides and/or watch/download video in other formats: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/Europe/2012/DBI409