Apache Cassandra: Building Apps on Eventually-consistent Databases

At Sky, we use Cassandra for database persistence in our Online Video Platform – the system which delivers all OTT video content to both Sky and NOW TV customers – and yes, that includes handling huge spikes in traffic both when there’s a big Premier League football match and when a new Game of Thrones season comes online!

This talk aims to cover the following topics.
* A brief introduction to Cassandra, including what it’s good for, what it’s not good for, and why. We’ll dig into how storage, reads, writes and conflict resolution work.
* Gotchas in an eventually-consistent DB – some interesting problems we encountered and the lessons we learned the hard way.
* Performing database schema and data evolution in Cassandra for a production app.
* Why this is important, and what we did at Sky to ensure consistency of our database schema.

Video producer: http://geecon.org/