Cassandra and Hadoop Case Studies

This presentation gives developers insight into how to model data in Cassandra, how to integrate Cassandra and Hadoop, and how to build big data platforms suitable for both batch and real-time processing while maintaining low latency response times suitable for web applications.

Introduction to Cassandra Data Modeling

This is a crash course in the Cassandra storage model. We will start with how data is laid out on disk to understand why it’s fast for real time workloads, and finish with an introduction to CQL, which we’ll use to query Cassandra.

Dynamic Dynamos: Comparing Riak and Cassandra

Amazon’s Dynamo paper has turned out to be one of the main catalysts for the NoSQL movement, with two of it’s most famous implementations being the open source databases Riak and Apache Cassandra.

Apache Cassandra & Python for the The New York Times

learn about how Apache Cassandra is used with Python in the NY Times fabrik messaging platform. This talk starts by diving into an overview of the NYTfabrik global message bus platform and its “memory” features and then discusses their use of the open source Apache Cassandra Python driver by DataStax.

Practical Considerations for Cassandra Data Modeling

This presentation covers the C* schema design concepts of the Cassandra database. This presentation goes in depth on the following topics schema design, best practices, capacity planning and provides real world examples.

The Data Model is Dead

Who says that big data doesn’t need a data model? You won’t after this presentation. Relational systems have always been built on the premise of modeling relationships. As you will see, static schema, one-to-one, many-to-many still have a place in Cassandra. From the familiar, we’ll go into the specific differences in Cassandra and tricks to …

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