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Practical MySQL Performance Optimization

This presentation discusses how to get great MySQL performance while being practical – spending time on what gives you the best return. It covers the main areas for improving MySQL performance, pointing out the most important things

Capturing SQL Server Deadlocks

If you are experiencing deadlocks in SQL Server, you want to know more about them. What queries are causing them? What tables and indexes are at the root of the problem? You can find this information by

MySQL Performance with TokuDB

Gerry Narvaja of Tokutek discusses Performance at Scale with TokuDB. TokuDB is an open source, high-performance storage engine for MySQL and MariaDB that dramatically improves scalability and operational efficiency. TokuDB is for Big Data applications with demanding

Slowing Down SQL Server Queries with Parameter Sniffing

You have heard the term ‘parameter sniffing’, but you’re always a little bit fuzzy on the details. Is this a bug in SQL Server? Could it be happening to you? This video explains the truth about this

Increasing MySQL Performance through Aggressive Data Archiving

Many strategies exist for increasing the performance of a MySQL database. Some attempt to make each access to the data faster: for example, faster hardware may be used, or system settings may be tweaked. Other approaches attempt