The Spring Data MongoDB Project

This talk will introduce the Spring Data MongoDB project. Spring Data MongoDB provides a feature rich library for writing MongoDB applications in Java. It builds upon the Spring Framework and as such promotes a POJO programming model with a strong emphasis on productivity.

3 Case Studies in NoSQL and Java in the Real World

Not-only-SQL (NoSQL) systems can be applied in a large number of problem domains. In general, it’s safe to say that NoSQL is a contender against traditional RDBMSs if data storage and retrieval needs aren’t transactional.

Reliable Scalability with MongoDB

Many developers are discovering that traditional relational databases make it hard to scale to the large data volumes and user traffic required by Internet-scale applications. MongoDB is sailing up as one of the leading contenders in the NoSQL space. We at Comoyo are using MongoDB on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) for our payment subsystems, …

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In this session three NoSQL techniques are demonstrated: RavenDB, Neo4j and MongoDB. Each speaker has 10 minutes to show you why and how NoSQL can be used. It is not difficult. It is not frightening. It’s fun. After this session, you know more about which technique you should test and continue with.

Hybrid Applications with MongoDB and RDBMS

Periodic data warehouse loads and ETL process no longer scale to meet the increasing business needs in the web economy. Todays modern organizations are combining high performance operational NoSQL data stores like MongoDB with traditional business intelligence RDBMS solutions to create a hybrid than solves the business need to have fast accurate data for decision …

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