Data Modeling with MongoDB

This discussion examines the schema design insights and trade-offs using real world examples. We looks at three example applications: building an email inbox, selecting a shard key for a large scale web application, and using MongoDB to store user profiles. From these examples you should get an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of various …

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Aggregation in NoSQL Databases

COUNT(*)? SUM(*)? AVG(*)? Working with non-relational (NoSQL) databases requires learning new methods for performing basic data aggregation. This talk explores the real-time aggregation options available in two popular document databases: Couchbase and MongoDB.

MongoDB Schema Design

MongoDB has been designed for versatility, but the techniques you might use to build, say, an analytics engine or a hierarchical data store might not be obvious. In this talk, we’ll learn about MongoDB in practice by looking at hypothetical application designs (based on real-world designs, of course).

Tayra: An Incremental Backup Tool for MongoDB

Tayra is an incremental open source backup and restore tool for MongoDB and brings intelligent backup to your MongoDB implementation. Data is precious and is increasingly becoming a source of revenue or competitive advantage for businesses. We built Tayra to allow IT departments to utilise the power and flexibility of MongoDB whilst protecting their data …

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Scaling MongoDB on Amazon Web Services

Over the past year, mobile in-app feedback provider Apptentive has scaled MongoDB on AWS from a single machine to a sharded, thousands-of-operations-per-second, several hundred gigabyte cluster. This session – packed with demos, code, and actual performance numbers – shares the lessons learned along the way.