Amazon RDS-Compatible DBaaS

Across industries, companies want to replicate Amazon Web Services inside the datacenter in order to bring all the value and benefits of AWS to enterprise developers and operations personnel. Citrix and CumuLogic together provide the building blocks to build private clouds that deliver Amazon-like functionality securely and reliably.

From MongoDB To Cassandra Architectural Lessons

This presentation covers some aspects of our architecture, highlighting differences between MongoDB and Cassandra. It goes in depth to explain why Cassandra is a better choice for a general purpose Application Platform as well as a Media Buying Analytics tool.

MongoDB at Nokia

A look at how a small group of self-motivated developers went about introducing, first themselves, and then their organisation to MongoDB. What made them do it? How did they gain acceptance for a new storage system amongst their peers, administrators and development managers? What was it like to actually write code around MongoDB? Join me …

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MongoDB versus Couchbase

This short video compares MongoDB and Couchbase for implementing big data project. MongoDB and Couchbase are two open-source NoSQL databases.

Migrating from MongoDB to Cassandra

This presentation discusses SHIFT’s migration from MongoDB to Cassandra NoSQL database. The topics include reasons behind choosing to move to Cassandra, zero downtime migration strategy, data modeling patterns, and the benefits of using CQL3.

MongoDB Tips

This short video outlines some tips for working with MongoDB. You will learn about some general pointers for successfully working with Mongo in a production environment and watch a few suggestions that will make working with documents a bit easier.