CouchDB for .NET Developers

RDBMS has been the standard for many years, when it has come to data storage. However, recently there has been an increase in document databases. In this talk we are going to cover the basics of CouchDB and how to consume this kind of database from .NET applications. Watch this streaming video from the Norwegian …

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Non-Relational Data Stores

Igal Koshevoy of Pragmaticraft speaks about Comparing Non-Relational Databases: MongoDB, Tokyo Tyrant, CouchDB at the November 2009 OpenSQLCamp in Portland, Oregon.

Ruby on the Couch Eating Potatoes

The talk will give a brief introduction to CouchDB and move on to explain how to get started with developing applications. I will go through the existing frameworks available (including my own called Couch Potato) and show the advantages and problems. I will be coding live showing how people can get started with a simple …

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CouchDB: Relaxing Offline JavaScript

CouchDB’s web API and offline replication capabilities make it ideally suited to power a sea-change in the relationships between users and service providers. This video gives a 10,000 foot overview of CouchDB, as well as discusses the benefits and challenges of writing applications that can be replicated transparently from the cloud to local machines.