CouchDB and Ruby Best Practices

This video explains CouchDB and Ruby best practices observed, tried and implemented, from a large pool of examples helping optimize and debug customers applications. Due to the necessity of re-explaining some core CouchDB concepts, this video may function as an introduction to CouchDB, but will also contain valuable lessons for the more experienced user.

Real World CouchDB

CouchDB has several features that help it stand out from the other databases in this rapidly growing field. Incremental map/reduce, peer to peer replication, mobile device synchronization, a realtime update feed, and the ability to host an application in the database itself (also known as a Couchapp) are just a few. See how companies are …

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Using CouchDB on Android

This video shows what you cna do with CouchDB on a phone. You will learn how to deploy existing CouchApps to Android CouchDB and how to use CouchDB in native Android apps.

CouchDB for the Web

After a really quick look on CouchDB, this video shows you how this database uses the web standards to serve your data on the desktop or on the web and how the Couch Apps can be used with some examples. Watch this video on (this video was previously embedded, but there was a problem …

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Battle of NoSQL Stars: Amazon’s SDB vs Mongoid vs CouchDB vs RavenDB

This video dives into the target audiences and differences in NoSQL storage, how to implement them and what this NoSQL thing is all about. It discusses how SQL has limits when you get to web-scale and how NoSQL bypasses these limits. It shows an example application deployment using Rails 3 and Mongoid to see how …

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