Consistent Storage or Scalable Storage – Why Not Both?

Relational databases are the product of decades of research and optimization, but when your business grows so big that a database reaches breaking point, where can you turn? On the other side of the fence are a variety of NoSQL databases which sell on scalability and cheaper hardware but come with their own set of issues around schema, atomicity and consistency. Since most developers are more familiar with relational databases, this talk focuses more on a couple of NoSQL options and how they work rather than how to use them. The fun parts are how eventual-consistency is maintained at scale and how they avoid single points of failure and bottlenecks. The last part will go into depth on Google’s Spanner database, which is only just recently available for public use. This follows on well from the NoSQL implementation since it was developed as a direct response to the problems of NoSQL storage. Through some cool innovations, Spanner manages to achieve both global consistency and scalability.

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