SQL Server

Unit Testing for SQL Server Database Projects

Unit testing is a core fundamental aspect of application development. But unit testing can and should be utilized when developing databases as well, to verify that changes have not regressed database functionality. Visual Studio 2013 provides SQL Server database unit tests as part of the testing infrastructure and in SQL Server Database Projects. In this …

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Large SQL Server and SQL Azure Projects

This video discusses the top SQL Server projects, their architecture and how they scale. We divide the customers into OLTP and DW and present a brief architecture and numbers.

Bad SQL Server Advices

Get frustrated when you read conflicting opinions on the web? Me too. I can’t go to sleep when someone’s wrong on the Internet, but it’s tough to correct everybody. This 30-minute session explains the most common bad advice that I see, explain why it’s wrong and show you how to set up your SQL Server …

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Tips & Tricks for Dates & Times in SQL Server

Writing queries with date and time data types can be tricky! Learn tips and best practices for selecting the right data types, choosing the best performing functions to round (or truncate) values, and how to avoid common pitfalls with dates and times in SQL Server.

4 Dangerous SQL Server Settings

SQL Server has some settings which sound like a great idea but can cause major problems for performance and availability when used improperly. This video takes you on a tour of SQL Server’s most dangerous settings, from priority boost to lightweight pooling.