SQL Server

Capturing SQL Server Deadlocks

If you are experiencing deadlocks in SQL Server, you want to know more about them. What queries are causing them? What tables and indexes are at the root of the problem? You can find this information by using tools such as trace flags, Profiler, and Extended Events.

Don’t Fear the SQL Server Execution Plan

Have you ever been curious about how SQL Server returns the results of your queries to you? Have you ever opened an execution plan but been bewildered by the results? Have you dabbled in query tuning, but weren’t sure where to focus your efforts?

Slowing Down SQL Server Queries with Parameter Sniffing

You have heard the term ‘parameter sniffing’, but you’re always a little bit fuzzy on the details. Is this a bug in SQL Server? Could it be happening to you? This video explains the truth about this complex and often confusing feature in SQL Server.

The Secrets of TempDB

As a DBA, you constantly seek ways to optimize SQL Server database performance. One option is TempDB, a widely misunderstood system database that has a critical impact on how your SQL Server performs. Learn in this video what TempDB is for, how SQL Server uses it, how best to set it up, and how to …

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SQL Azure Introduction

Windows Azure SQL Database is a fully managed relational database service based on SQL Server technologies. This video provides a brief tour of Windows Azure SQL Database and shows how SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio 2013 interfaces with it, enabling rapid development of sophisticated relational databases in the Windows Azure cloud.

How to Tell When You Have A Locking Problem

You think locking and blocking in SQL Server may be slowing down your application, but you’re not sure how much of a problem it’s causing. In this video, you learn how to find lock waits and decode what they mean.