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Deploying with the Basho Data Platform

Choosing the best technologies for your stack is only part of the challenge. A huge pain point comes in the integration of these toolsets in a way that runs smoothly from prototype to production. At Basho, we’ve

Dynamic Dynamos: Comparing Riak and Cassandra

Amazon’s Dynamo paper has turned out to be one of the main catalysts for the NoSQL movement, with two of it’s most famous implementations being the open source databases Riak and Apache Cassandra.

Riak Interview

Ian Plosker from Basho is interviewed by Stefan Edlich, author of two NoSQL books. Ian presents Riak, which is a distributed database that blurs the line between key-value and document-store. He also describes Bashos other products, which

Lightning Introduction to 3 NoSQL Technologies

Three NOSQL techniques are presented in this talk: RavenDB, Neo4j and Riak. Each speaker has 10 minutes to show you why and how NOSQL can be used. It is not difficult. It is not frightening. It’s fun.

Big Data: Riak versus Oracle

Different big data use cases drive the technology required to implement big data projects successfully. Pythian’s CTO Alex Gorbachev shares his insights on when you should use Riak vs Oracle for your big data project.