Riak Overview

Riak is an open source, highly scalable, fault-tolerant distributed database. Different than traditional relational databases and other NoSQL non-relational databases, Riak offers a number of unique benefits to users like the fact that it is built to operate in highly distributed environments, such as the cloud. Riak is also master-less, which means that it has …

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Riak in an Embedded Node

This screencast presents Riak running in a fully self-contained embedded node environment. What this means for our users is that it’s easier than ever to deploy and manage Riak servers — mainly no more dependencies on an external Erlang install.

Introduction to JavaScript MapReduce in Riak

This short video demonstrates some Riak’s 0.8 new features: the ability to write map/reduce queries in JavaScript. Riak is a document database and key/value store, designed to store semi-structured documents or objects of varying sizes. It uses the erlang_js project to integrate Mozilla’s Spidermonkey engine directly into Riak to keep overhead to a minimum.