Deploying with the Basho Data Platform

Choosing the best technologies for your stack is only part of the challenge. A huge pain point comes in the integration of these toolsets in a way that runs smoothly from prototype to production. At Basho, we’ve built a platform that leverages Riak KV as a scalable, distributed NoSQL database and have supplemented its abilities through additional technologies.

This presentation walks you through the technology landscapes involved, from NoSQL databases to caching with Redis to analytics with Apache Spark. You will learn both a logical and technological view of how we are making it simpler to create a production platform with the Basho Data Platform. You will pick up on nuanced complexities of real-world environments, from dual-writer inconsistencies to eventual consistency to cache reindexing. By the end, you’ll know more about system architectures, the databases involved and one approach to weave together the technologies necessary for today’s application stack.

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