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MongoDB and Java8

Java 8 is here and with it a set of new functionality that everyone wants to make use of with the MongoDB NoSQL database. This is a quick talk on how to make use of the features

MongoDB Internals

MongoDB 3.0 introduces a pluggable storage architecture and a new storage engine called WiredTiger. The engineering team behind WiredTiger team has a long and distinguished career, having architected and built Berkeley DB, now the world’s most widely

Why is MongoDB a Good NoSQL Implementation?

MongoDB is one of the most popular open source NoSQL database available. It avoid the traditional table-based relational SQL database structure to favor of JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, In this article, Jenny Richards explains why MongoDB

Working with Databases and Groovy

This talk reviews the features in Groovy which make it easy to work with databases. It reviews the features of Groovy SQL including Groovy’s LINQ-like lazy evaluation technology called datasets. In addition, it looks at working with

Everything You Need to Know About MongoDB Sharding

This video covers the various approaches to sharding with the MongoDB open source NoSQL database.