JPA on NoSQL: An Approach with Hibernate OGM

PaaS, cloud. How to store data is the real question. In a NoSQL store? Could we do that with familiar APIs? The goal of Hibernate OGM is to explore how we could reuse the Java Persistence API (a known domain model-centric API) to store entities in NoSQL stores.

It offers a JPA front end (object manipulation and JP-QL query) to applications while storing and querying data from a key/value grid (and other NoSQL later). In this session, you will:
* See an overview of (No)SQL and how JPA can fit some use cases
* Learn how to persist entities and associations into a key/value store and its compromises
* See how to implement JP-QL queries on top of a nonqueryable technology (key/value store) and how much can be covered
* See live demos