Designing an HBase Application

OpenTSDB was built at StumbleUpon, a company highly experienced with HBase. It’s a great example of how to build an application with HBase as its backing store. OpenTSDB is open source so you have complete access to the code. This article based on chapter 2 from HBase in Action explains how to design an HBase …

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Hadoop and NoSQL at Twitter

This video presents the experiences using Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, and Pig to scale Twitter’s analytics platform. It focuses on the practical aspects of working at scale – the architecture, what works, what doesn’t and the software we’ve open-sourced to make things easier for others. Video Producer: Devoxx Conference

HBase at StumbleUpon

HBase committer Ryan Rawson discusses the lesser-known member of the Hadoop ecosystem and how it is used by StumbleUpon. The conversations has digressions on Java and the woes one may experience with a large MySQL deployment. http://nosqltapes.com/video/ryan-rawson-on-hbase-at-stumbleupon