Introduction to Hadoop

Enterprises today collect and generate more data than ever before. Relational and data warehouse products excel at OLAP and OLTP workloads over structured data. The open-source project administered by the Apache Software Foundation known as Hadoop, is designed to solve a different problem: the fast, reliable analysis of both unstructured and complex data. As a …

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Hadoop and NoSQL at Twitter

This video presents the experiences using Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, and Pig to scale Twitter’s analytics platform. It focuses on the practical aspects of working at scale – the architecture, what works, what doesn’t and the software we’ve open-sourced to make things easier for others. Video Producer: Devoxx Conference

NoSQL with Cassandra and Hadoop

As the amount and pace of data-generation keeps growing, businesses are stepping away from traditional rdbms solutions and go for highly scalable store solutions. Numerous papers are being published on this topic for instance by well known companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon and opensource projects come into existence like Cassandra and Hadoop. This video …

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