Building Analytical Applications on Hadoop

Data scientists – the analytical professionals who straddle the line between statistician and software engineer – are in demand like never before. Due to the scarcity of data science talent, it has become increasingly important for data scientists to spend less time answering one-off questions and more time building analytical applications that enable a broad …

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Hadoop for the MySQL DBA

Everyone knows that big data is here to stay, and one of the best NoSQL solutions out there is Hadoop. MySQL DBAs will need to know when to adjust and leverage Hadoop within their environment and even start using and administering Hadoop clusters.

In-Database Hadoop: When MapReduce Meets the RDBMS

The MapReduce programming model enables developers without experience with parallel or distributed systems to use the resources of a large system and process big data. Apache Hadoop implements the MapReduce model. The combination of the RDBMS and MapReduce is being researched.

Hadoop, HBase and Hive in Production

This talk discusses real world production use cases of Hadoop, HBase and Hive. The characteristics of each system are explained in the context of how they can be used together to build large scale data infrastructure that blurs the line between realtime applications and data warehouses.

Big Data with HBase and Hadoop at Adobe

Adobe has been working with Hadoop and HBase since 2008. This presentation goes through different uses cases of computational problems, such as analytics, business intelligence, machine learning on large volumes of data including logs, Flash, image and video metadata, etc. describing some of the most interesting aspects in each case and highlighting implementation details such …

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