Using Together GraphQL & Serverless

This talk discusses how GraphQL and Serverless have drastically gained popularity and what problems they were made to solve. Then it explains how the two can be used together and provides a little demo with the Serverless framework.

Continuous Integration & Delivery for Databases

This talk looks at the common problems faced with making database changes through continuous delivery. It covers the major tools used to address database changes, and the advantages and disadvantages to each. Then it discusses how database migrations can effectively address schema changes over time, for both SQL and NoSQL databases. Finally, it explores solutions …

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Postgres at Any Scale

This presentation starts with the basics you need to know as an app developer about interacting with your PostgreSQL database. Then, it digs into how you can start to analyze performance. You will learn what you need to know for a small application, then the things you should be cautious of as you start to …

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Data Necromancy: Bring Your Data Strategy Back from the Dead

Our story begins squeezed into the corner of this room: the data team. Analytics requirements were pushed out of the critical path for launches, slowly and then all at once. The data team is fighting against prioritization, cooperation, and, soon, relevance. This is sadly the state of many organizations, to a lesser or greater degree. …

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