When to Ditch Relational Databases for NoSQL

For many software developers, relational databases like Oracle, SQLServer or MySQL are their bread and butter. They work (mostly) and are a logical solution to your application’s data management needs. They have been the standard and that’s what’s always worked. And then NoSQL databases came along. You may find that you’re now in a spiral of questions: What is this? Is this better than a relational database? What do we need another database technology for? Does this mean there’s no structured query language (SQL)? Do I migrate my existing database to this model? This presentation will answer these questions (and many more) to help you understand the what, how, and why of NoSQL databases as it relates to the modern applications we strive to build today. Watch this definitive guide on NoSQL databases and be confident in deciding whether or not it is the right database solution for you!

Video producer: https://ndcsydney.com/