NoSQL Toasters and a Cloud of Kitchen Sinks

What is the best data storage option for your application? We have an abundance of conventional wisdom when it comes to building applications on top of a relational database in the Ruby world. Building an application on top of a NoSQL database is a different story.

I will present a conceptual framework for understanding Access Patterns that jives with properties of databases, then review common NoSQL databases and propose considerations for choosing one over another. I will also review some uncommon NoSQL databases that address common use cases, and suggest that perhaps some of these should be used more often. Most importantly, I will describe the different state of mind that you should have when building applications on top of these NoSQL options, and provide visualization of non-relational concerns like: fault tolerance, availability, consistency, capacity planning, and horizontal vs vertical scaling. Whether or not you choose a NoSQL option for a future project, you won’t look at data storage options in the same way after this presentation. ;-)

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