Cassandra Radical NoSQL Scalability

Cassandra is a scalable, highly available, column-oriented data store in use use at Netflix, Twitter, Urban Airship, Constant Contact, Reddit, Cisco, OpenX, Digg, CloudKick, Ooyala and more companies that have large, active data sets. The largest known Cassandra cluster has over 300 TB of data in over 400 machines.

This open source project managed by the Apache foundation offers a compelling combination of a rich data model, a robust deployment track record, and a sound architecture. This video presents the Cassandra’s data model, works through its API in Java and Groovy, talks about how to deploy it and looks at use cases in which it is an appropriate data storage solution.

It explores the Amazon Dynamo project and Google’s BigTable and explains how its architecture helps us achieve the gold standard of scalability: horizontal scalability on commodity hardware. You will be ready to begin experimenting with Cassandra immediately and planning its adoption in your next project.

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