YugaByte DB – a Database for Low Latency Transactional Apps

YugaByte DB, a highly performant, ACID compliant and transactional database is a startup founded by the engineers who were instrumental in creating Cassandra inside FaceBook. It is well understood that microservices are multi-cloud deployable in an active-active mode. The challenge has always been the data tier powering the apps which has remained as a high-latency, hard-to-scale master-slave RDBMS for a long time. Multi-master deployments as well as the use of a separate NoSQL DB for multi-region data distribution are simply band-aids to this problem and do not deliver the desired business outcomes. This talk presents YugaByte DB running across multiple datacenters with a live demo of a large scale e-commerce app powered by Spring Framework. The talk also highlights the distributed transactions capabilities with global consistency and tunable reads as well as ease of use for developers using familiar Spring Data Cassandra and Redis modules.

Video producer: https://pivotal.io/