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From Big Data to Big Information

From Big Data to Big Information

The Big Data landscape is at a crossroads. Currently dominated by Hadoop and NoSQL databases, alternatives to Hadoop and next-generation datastores are emerging.

Many organizations are adopting Big Data technologies, primarily Hadoop and NoSQL databases, because they don’t want to be left behind. They face a daunting task of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these evolving tools and how they actual meet specific business objectives… or don’t. Ultimately, the promises of Big Data include cost savings, greater scalability, and new ways of extracting useful information from data sets that were previously unmanageable.

This talk describes some lessons I’ve learned while consulting on Big Data projects. I’ll comment on the strengths and weaknesses of several representative tools and offer guidance for evaluating others. I’ll discuss how to craft integrated solutions that are focused on meeting particular goals. In other words, how to focus on extracting useful information, rather than just managing data.

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