Data Necromancy: Bring Your Data Strategy Back from the Dead

Our story begins squeezed into the corner of this room: the data team. Analytics requirements were pushed out of the critical path for launches, slowly and then all at once. The data team is fighting against prioritization, cooperation, and, soon, relevance. This is sadly the state of many organizations, to a lesser or greater degree. How can we fix this? How can we bring our data strategy back from the dead?

Over the course of this talk, Bovard Doerschuk-Tiberi, Senior Software Engineer at Google, will draw upon his experience in a successful startup (Workiva) and Google to bring you a case study on an effective data strategy in the modern computing environment in three acts. Act I finds us venturing into the depths of the data dungeon to diagnose our data malaise. In Act II we begin the quest to gain business value and avoid the many pitfalls encountered along the way. Finally, in Act III we scale up and resurrect our data strategy. Will it be a glorious phoenix or Frankenstein’s monster?

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