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Deploying with the Basho Data Platform

Choosing the best technologies for your stack is only part of the challenge. A huge pain point comes in the integration of these toolsets in a way that runs smoothly from prototype to production. At Basho, we’ve

Recommendation Engines with Redis and Ruby

This talk will be a case study discussing the object-oriented considerations in designing a scalable service with Ruby, how the Redis NoSQL database was a good fit for the project, and some of the painful lessons that

Patterns for Key-value Stores

As nosql gathers more and more momentum I have discovered that there is a need for good patterns. You want to organize the data as well as possible. With good organizing it will be easier to find

Grokking Redis

Ever wonder what role Redis fills? Is it a caching engine like memcached or a database like Mongo? Brett Hoerner gives an introduction to Redis and provides us with the Do’s and Don’ts of Redis based on

Redis Application Patterns in Ruby on Rails

Redis is a darling of the NoSQL crowd and for good reasons. It’s easy to setup and has blazing fast performance. In this talk, drawn on real production experience and real code straight out of the DueProps