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JPA on NoSQL: An Approach with Hibernate OGM

PaaS, cloud. How to store data is the real question. In a NoSQL store? Could we do that with familiar APIs? The goal of Hibernate OGM is to explore how we could reuse the Java Persistence API

Advanced ColdFusion ORM

Explore the underlying object-relational mapping (ORM) framework in ColdFusion 9. Tap into the power of Hibernate to build scalable and high-performing applications. This is a very technical session requiring advanced skills with ColdFusion.

What’s new in Hibernate: a JPA 2 perspective

This Jazoon 2010 session presents the new features of Hibernate and in particular the one coming from Java Persistence 2. Itl explores the new type-safe Criteria API as well as its close brother the new Hibernate Static

Scaling Hibernate

Emmanuel Bernard and Max Ross talk about patterns and practices to be used in order to achieve high volume and scale with Hibernate. The presentation also explains the use of Hibernate Shards and Hibernate Search to push

Seam and Hibernate Development with JBoss

In this demonstration Jim Tyrrell, JBoss Solutions Architect, will show you exactly how easy it is to use JBoss Developer Studio to reverse engineer a database into a complete web application.