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PostegreSQL Deserves NoSQL Fan Respect

PostegreSQL is a plain old SQL database, very powerful and very consistent. In some case, project needs an ACID database, but schemaless.. With JSON support, PostegreSQL is a very interesting tool to provide ACID and some very

Changing Database & Datacenter at

As is the case for many websites and applications, when the size of its users reach a certain point, critical changes to the architecture must be made. This presentation discusses how Lanyrd addressed this problem, when they

Postgres: The Bits You Haven’t Found Yet

Now that Oracle owns MySQL, it’s clear that it’s not going anywhere fast. What’s a developer to do? Flee to the arms of NoSQL? Are you going to have to learn Erlang just to query your data?

Postgres: the Best Tool You’re Already Using

Your fledgling social network for hedgehogs is starting to gain traction, but now new feature requests are pouring in. How you can you meet the demands of an ambitious product team within your existing stack? There’s no

PostgreSQL Backup Strategies

Rumor has it all these other users and companies do this thing called “backup” on their PostgreSQL database. And people keep saying it’s a good idea. But what does it actually mean? In this talk we’ll go