Postgres: the Best Tool You’re Already Using

Your fledgling social network for hedgehogs is starting to gain traction, but now new feature requests are pouring in. How you can you meet the demands of an ambitious product team within your existing stack? There’s no time to waste, so we will look at how to leverage the venerable Postgres workhorse.

PostgreSQL Backup Strategies

Rumor has it all these other users and companies do this thing called “backup” on their PostgreSQL database. And people keep saying it’s a good idea. But what does it actually mean? In this talk we’ll go through the different options we have for PostgreSQL backups, how to use them and some good tips and …

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PostgreSQL When it’s not Your Job

This video explains (nearly) everything you need to know to bring up, tune, and keep a PostgreSQL database health. It covers installation, basic tuning, backups, disaster recovery, and helpful tools and techniques.

Postgres Demystified

Postgres has long been known as a stable database product that reliably stores your data. However, in recent years it has picked up many features, allowing it to become a much sexier database.

Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL

This talk shares hindsights about the why and the how of that migration, what problems couldn’t be solved without moving away and how the solution now looks. The tools used for migrating away the data, the methods and will detail the new architecture. And the new home: in the cloud!

PostgreSQL Logging

Logging is an important part of your PostgreSQL database monitoring suite, providing historical information for troubleshooting and forensic purposes: which user logged in when, what queries they ran and how long they took, when the database restarted.