Availability versus Analytics in NoSQL

The definition of NoSQL gives us room to lump databases in the same category as analytics frameworks and other technologies. While this categorization is factual, the terms tend to lead to confusion. Understanding types of data workloads requires a fundamental appreciation of distributed systems. We will explore what factors affect your choice in database technology […]

Big Data Beyond Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is the de facto open source standard for big data solutions. A challenging task is to send all data to Hadoop for processing and storage (and getting it back to your application later), because data comes from many different applications (SAP, salesforce.com, Oracle’s Siebel product family, and so on) and databases (file, SQL, […]

Building Oracle NoSQL Database Applications

The database market is bursting with new technologies built especially to handle a new class of workload for applications dealing with frequent data format changes (agile production apps) or data that is semistructured (nested) in nature. Each of these new technologies has its own APIs, but EclipseLink NoSQL provides a consistent JPA-style API for NoSQL […]

Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices

The world is producing an ever increasing volume, velocity, and variety of big data. Consumers and businesses are demanding up-to-the-second (or even millisecond) analytics on their fast-moving data, in addition to classic batch processing. AWS delivers many technologies for solving big data problems. But what services should you use, why, when, and how?