Advanced PostgreSQL Schema Design (For Scalable Application Development)

Go beyond CREATE TABLE and CREATE VIEW with functional indexes, exclusion constraints, array types, transactional DDL, and more for simple, scalable application development. This presentation goes into PostgreSQL-specific features that can be leveraged for advanced schema design. The focus will be solving real-world problems faced by application developers to create long-lasting database schemas. Conference organizer: …

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Assuring Data Quality at Scale

More and more companies are becoming Data and AI driven – Data is the lifeblood of many systems we build and business decisions that are made today. Customer experience and journey which in turn drive the P&L for businesses rely on data that are captured and fed into our systems. It is highly imperative that …

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NewSQL Scalable Relational Databases

NoSQL was a reaction against the scalability issues with regular SQL relational databases such as MySQL and Postgres. They scaled out well and were easy to operate but were lacking many of the features developers have relied on for decades such as ACID transactions, global indexes and complex queries with joins and aggregations.

Dev and Test Agility for your Database with Docker

Agile practices teach us how to deal with evolving applications but so often the data store is overlooked as a component of your application lifecycle. Database servers are monolothic, resource intensive and mostly viewed as set in stone. Encapsulating your database server in a container and your database in a storage container can dramatically lighten …

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The Hidden Costs of Poor Database Access

Software developers love to try new programming languages, use different frameworks or experiment with new architectures. But when it comes to databases, they pretty much have been using the same database access approach for the past 30 years.

NoSQL Fight for Security

The NoSQL ecosystem thrived on combining scalability and simplicity. That often meant taking short cuts around security and this legacy is still haunting many products. This talk uses Elasticsearch as an example and covers both the technical background as well as anecdotal evidence of past incidents. Finally, we also discuss current and future steps to …

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