Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL Server

Learn how to architect high-performance applications and production workloads using Amazon RDS for SQL Server. Understand how to migrate your data to an Amazon RDS instance, apply security best practices, and optimize your database instance and applications for high availability.

Cassandra and Hadoop Case Studies

This presentation gives developers insight into how to model data in Cassandra, how to integrate Cassandra and Hadoop, and how to build big data platforms suitable for both batch and real-time processing while maintaining low latency response times suitable for web applications.

Resolving MySQL Problems Quickly

Troubleshooting MySQL problems doesn’t need to involve trial-and-error and it doesn’t need to take a long time. You need only two things: a good process and good tools. This session shows you an approach that the speaker has used to solve many frustrating problems quickly, and open source tools that assist this process.