Build a Data Lake on Amazon Cloud

Conceptually, a data lake is a flat data store to collect data in its original form, without the need to enforce a predefined schema. Instead, new schemas or views are created “on demand”, providing a far more

Deploying with the Basho Data Platform

Choosing the best technologies for your stack is only part of the challenge. A huge pain point comes in the integration of these toolsets in a way that runs smoothly from prototype to production. At Basho, we’ve

Building Fault Tolerant Apps with Cassandra

This presentation give a brief introduction to Apache Cassandra, how to interact with it from Java and how its architecture is build around being tolerant to faults. It then explains how developers’ mindset needs to change when

NoSQL?!? Let’s Talk NewSQL

Enterprise Java developers moved from traditional RDBMS solutions such as Oracle Database and MySQL to NoSQL solutions such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and CouchDB to achieve elasticity, but for a hefty price: ACID properties. It seemed like a

Corrupt Your Database Intentionally

Database corruption can strike at any time. You know this, so you have your page verification option set to CHECKSUM and you run DBCC CHECKDB regularly. When the dreaded day finally arrives, what do you do? If