RavenDB Features

RavenDB is an open source NoSQL database for .NET. This talk focuses on looking at the distinct features RavenDB has, that can take your application to the next level. It discusses the Changes API, Transformers, 2nd stage map/reduce and much more.

Big Data, Bad Analogies

Data lakes, data exhaust, web scale, data is the new oil. Vendors are throwing new terms and analogies at us to convince us to buy their products as the market around data technologies grows. We change data persistence and transaction layers because “databases don’t scale” or because data is “unstructured”. If data had no structure […]

Charming Large Databases with Octopuses

You have a killer web application, hits are through the roof and your database is starting to get overloaded. Do I need to throw more hardware at the database? Should I shard it? Should I use replication? How do I access multiple databases via one Rails application? Join us as we talk about strategies for […]

Amazon RDS for Microsoft SQL Server

Learn how to architect high-performance applications and production workloads using Amazon RDS for SQL Server. Understand how to migrate your data to an Amazon RDS instance, apply security best practices, and optimize your database instance and applications for high availability.