What Finance Can Learn From Dating Sites

In this session you will see how in many ways dating sites are getting better performance and more value out of their data than financial institutions by using a graph database.

Let Me Graph That For You

Graphs are one of the best abstractions we have for modeling connectedness. Graph databases, in turn, are one of the best tools at our disposal for modeling, storing and querying complex, densely-connected data. Today, graphs and graph databases are helping solve some of the world’s most challenging data problems, in domains as diverse as search, …

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Uncovering Invisible Relationships with a Graph Database

This presentation demonstrate how graph databases are the key to providing richer experiences through personalized online interactions and content discovery as developers can generate valuable graph-based recommendations by harnessing the power of a graphdb to store, manage and query the invisible relationships between people, brands, interests and more.

Be a Superstar with Graph Databases

Graph Databases can solve problems that your normal database struggle with. These can be hard problems, and not all of them were mentioned as graph problems in your CS classes. Using a Graph Database correctly can save the day, and make you look like a super star among your peers.

The Pathology of Graph Databases

There is nothing more fascinating and utterly mind-bending than traversing a graph. Those who succumb to this data processing pattern euphorically suffer from graph pathology. It is no coincidence that the study of graph traversals is known, in academic circles, as Pathology. This lecture will shed light on recent Pathological advances in databases management – …

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