Building a MySQL Slave and Keeping it in Sync

This video shows on how to get a consistent snapshot to build a slave, how to use mk-table-checksum to check for differences between masters and slaves on an ongoing basis, and how to use tools such as mk-table-sync and mysqldump to sync the data if there are any discrepancies.

Introduction to Java DB / Apache Derby

Rick Hillegas, Java DB Technical Team Lead at Sun Microsystems, talks about Java DB / Apache Derby at The San Francisco Java User Group’s September 8th event in San Francisco.

CouchDB: Relaxing Offline JavaScript

CouchDB’s web API and offline replication capabilities make it ideally suited to power a sea-change in the relationships between users and service providers. This video gives a 10,000 foot overview of CouchDB, as well as discusses the benefits and challenges of writing applications that can be replicated transparently from the cloud to local machines.

Getting Acquainted with Apache Derby

Apache Derby is a transactional, relational database written in Java. This feature packed database is small enough to be run in many constrained environments, yet powerful enough to efficiently utilize the power of modern multi-CPU machines. Distributed under the Apache License (v2.0), you are free to bundle Derby as part of your application. This presentation …

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