The Data Architect Career

If you’re a data architect, you’ve heard it all from ‘data management is the sexiest job of the 21st century’ to ‘data management is dead’. The truth almost certainly lies somewhere in the middle of the extremes, but how can you make sense of the true future of the data architect’s role in the rapidly-changing …

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Continuous Delivery Strategies for Databases

As your organization invests in DevOps to release more frequently, you need to treat the database tier as an integral part of the automated delivery pipeline—you build, test, and deploy database changes just as for any other part of your application. However, databases are different from source code and pose unique challenges to continuous delivery, …

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Blockchain: The Slowest Database in the World

As the foundation of Bitcoin’s virtual currency, the blockchain technique is now the starting point for numerous new business ideas. The usual suspects surpass each other with superlatives how “disruptive” the Blockchain based startups will be. This talk looks first at the technical foundations and then examines the advantages and disadvantages. We then identify practical …

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Understand Your Data

If your CSV, JSON, XML, database table, NoSQL store or Java Object has “20160704000000” in it as a String or even a number then you are part of the Big Data problem and a long way from Fast Data. The space is occupies is one thing but performance is another.

Analyzing Billions of Data Rows

Got lots of data? So does Amaysim, a leading Australian telecom provider, with its billions of rows of data. The organization successfully empowers its small team of data analysts with self-service data analytics platforms so they can easily access the data they need, perform advanced analytics, and visualize findings for all stakeholders.