Sequel is the database toolkit for ruby. This videos discusses the philosophy, design, implementation, and use of Sequel, as well as its history, current status, and future directions. It will show how to use core Sequel via datasets to manipulate sets of objects, as well as Sequel models to manipulate individual objects. It will discuss …

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Entity Framework Tips & Tricks

Developers discover a lot of behavior in the ADO.NET Entity Framework that is quite unexpected. Programming Entity Framework author, Julie Lerman, will help you avoid some surprises and show you tricks to make the most of Entity Framework. Learn how to provide default navigation property (foreign key) values, practical uses for Entity SQL, how to …

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The Softer Side Of Schemas – Mapping Java Persistence Standards To the Google App Engine Datastore

Google App Engine is a powerful cloud-computing platform designed to help developers more easily create and manage scalable web applications. With the recent addition of Java support, developers can now interact with the Google App Engine datastore using JDO and JPA, both standard Java persistence APIs. In this talk we will discuss how these standards …

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Introduction to Java DB / Apache Derby

Rick Hillegas, Java DB Technical Team Lead at Sun Microsystems, talks about Java DB / Apache Derby at The San Francisco Java User Group’s September 8th event in San Francisco.

Getting Acquainted with Apache Derby

Apache Derby is a transactional, relational database written in Java. This feature packed database is small enough to be run in many constrained environments, yet powerful enough to efficiently utilize the power of modern multi-CPU machines. Distributed under the Apache License (v2.0), you are free to bundle Derby as part of your application. This presentation …

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